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Vital Organ Imaging

  • Patients will be provided personal protective equipment (PPE) and appropriate medical attire to perform the exams as necessary

  • The clinician will also have on PPE and the appropriate medical attire.

  • A water-soluble gel will be placed on the patient's skin in the designated locations of the screening. The Sonographer will place an Ultrasonic transducer (camera) at the site of evaluation on top of the gel which will allow imaging to take place.

  • The organs that will be evaluated are as follows:  Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Spleen, and Bladder.

  • The abdomen will be exposed and will have a water-soluble gel administered across the abdomen, the neck, and the legs, while the Sonographer utilizes the transducer (camera) to image each respective vessel. The Sonographer will have to apply some pressure to capture the optimal results.

  • Towels will cover any exposed area of the patient that is not being imaged and will also be provided to remove the gel upon completion of the exam.

  • We recommend that the patient be well hydrated for the desired optimal results.

  • We recommend that the patient fasts for a period of 6 hours prior to the exam of the vital abdominal organs for the desired results.


What should I expect during the exam?


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